name (pipidyke) wrote in purdier_lesbian,


First day of classes...

Look how veiny my hands are.

My pudgy belly.

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you look like a total bad-ass, for sure. that's awesome

what are you studying?
History. And that's totally bad-ass, I know. Lol.
it can be, if you approach it properly. what do you wanna be?
I wanna go into some kind of museum work. I'll be poor and living in a box, but at least I'd enjoy it. I'd also like incorporate politics into History and be involved in some professional activism. That doesn't really pay the bills though, so it'll just be something I do on the side.
money is just another form of happiness anyway. at least this way, you won't be bored during the day :)

why no classes?
None on Monday until 6:30pm! And with no classes on Friday that almost gives me a 4 day weekend!